Sabtu, Oktober 24, 2009

Perkongsian :The Power Will (kemaskini)


its been awhile since my last entries..

what i'm going to share in this cold breeze evening is something that looks like ordinary to some people..

but i bet's not an ordinary things for those who care about what they are doing, what they are seeing..and etc

but man..what are u trying to say man!?


straight to the point..

this is about the power of our will..

this is what happen to some of our friends..

this is something true that happened among our friends who already knows about the do and don't in our daily lives..

what can i share in this short post is..

even if they know this or that thing is bad..the power of willing will keep forcing them to do it..

even if they know this or that thing is worst..the power of willing will keep asking them what is that (highly inquiry about bad act, bad program)

even if they know this or that thing is deadly not a good habit to do..the power of willing will keep forcing them to do it..

lets get this thing clear..

did you realize that..

if we did not know about a thing(especially something negative or negative act)...

we will not keep asking what is it...

did u all get what my point is??

i bet most of u dont..

i'm really not going to say it directly the word..

the p word for example

or anything related to negative thing..

what did your mind or your knowledge know about bad act, when i write p*** word?

in a split second...i bet that most of u know about what i'm trying to say after u read the above letter..

becoz of this one particular word..

one can simply enter a world that full with negative act..if and only if..u trying to know what the p*** word is..

well actually, this post is focusing particularly for those whom the internet is only at the tip of their fingers, like me and like you!!

maybe that's all for this time..


i'll trying to elaborate later...

if there's any precious time for me to elaborate..

thank to Allah SWT for allow me to share this small thing to others..

and i would like to apologize if my point did not reach your mind..

and i did not manage to knock your heart's door about what my story is all about..

becoz of willing, one can be a good person or another way round..


p/s : the 'p' word is pornography